Easy Oversized Poncho – Free sewing patterns


Knitted fabric, 1.7m (1.5m wide)Jersey, 30cmGrosgrain ribbon, 6.2m


Custom sized**One-size fits most. If reducing or enlarging, remember that the longest measurement is the length, whilst theshorter one sits across the shoulders and arms

Dimensions List

Poncho: cut a 135cm x 165cm rectangle of fabricNeckband: cut a 23cm x 70cm rectangle from jersey1.5cm seam allowance used throughout.

1 Cut out the pieces according to the cutting guide. Fold the poncho in half lengthwise, find the centre of the foldline and draw the neckline as indicated on the diagram. Sew the two short ends of the neckband, right sides together, to make a circle. Turn right sides out, then pin the seam to the centre-back neckline of the poncho. Match the centre-front of the band and poncho neckline, pin the remainder of the band, then stitch in place.

2 Fold in 1.5cm around the remaining edge of the neckband and place it over the stitching line, sandwiching the raw edges of the seam allowance inside the neckband. Slip stitch the folded edge of the band to the neckline.

3 Pin ribbon along the right side of the four poncho edges, covering 1cm. Edge stitch in place, stitching to the point of the corner, then leave the needle in the work, lift the foot, turn the poncho, place the foot back down and continue to stitch to the next corner.

4 Trim the excess fabric from the corners, then turn the ribbon to the wrong side. Pin the ribbon around the edges and fold the corners into neat mitres. Edge stitch along the ribbon so the raw edges are sandwiched inside.