Easy Cotton Jersey Cardigan – Free sewing patterns


Jersey, 1.3m (1.5m wide)



Dimensions List

Front: cut one pairBack: cut one on the foldNeckband: cut twoSleeve: cut one pair1cm seam allowance used throughout.

1 Download and print the pattern at sewmag.co.uk/templates, then cut out all the pieces according to the cutting guide. Pin, then stitch each front piece to the back right sides together at the shoulders. With right sides together and the sleeve head notch matched to the shoulder seam, pin a sleeve to an armhole, easing slightly to fit, then stitch. Repeat for the other sleeve.

2 Pin, then stitch one short end of each neckband piece, right sides together. Fold the piece in half lengthwise, right sides together, stitch across each short end, then turn right sides out. Pin the front pieces to the back right sides together, match the shoulders and underarm seams, then stitch the side seams.

3 Turn a 2.5cm hem at the base, then press. Fold this up towards the right side so that the raw edge and fold are both at the edge, press, then sew with an over-edge zig zag stitch. This will give the appearance of a seam from the right side.

4 Pin the neckband to the neck edge right sides together, matching the centre-back seams. Sew in place, preventing any stretching or mismatched ends by stitching up from one front piece, stopping at the centre-back, then starting again at the other front edge. Turn and sew a 2cm hem at each sleeve cuff.