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Dressing Up For a 70s Party

Dressing Up For a 70s Party

Of all the themed parties you can have, 1970s fancy dress parties must be the most fun. The 1970s have had an amazing comeback, with the “retro” theme being more popular than ever. People just love wearing the outrageous outfits the 1970s produced and seeing what costumes from that era the other party goers are wearing. Everyone loves dancing to famous disco hits and dressing up as pop stars such as the members of Abba or Elton John (complete with outrageous glasses!), David Bowie (in his Ziggy Stardust phase) or the Jacksons. As well as a huge number of costumes to choose from, there are also many accessories too, such as BeeGee and “Afro” wigs, platform pittsburgh pirates hawaiian shirt , jewellery and Gogo boots.

When people first started holding 70s parties back in the 1980s, it was difficult to source authentic seventies fancy dress costumes, so it was necessary to either scour the second-hand shops or make them all from scratch. These days, fortunately, it’s a lot easier as you can pick up some real bargains from eBay or buy top quality fancy dress costumes from online stores. Not only are there loads of outfits to choose from, such as hot pants complete with Gogo boots, but also many are available in different sizes and colours too. In addition, plus sizes are catered for, so it is possible for everyone to find a great costume to wear and join in the fun. It is also possible to hire a costume, such as a jump suit complete with colourful Gogo boots with platform heels, but in view of the price you’re likely to pay, it makes more sense to buy your outfit and then either sell it on eBay or build up a good themed “retro” fancy dress wardrobe ready for the next party.

The revival of the seventies theme has spilled over into the mainstream and many seventies type sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ hòa phát), platform pittsburgh pirates hawaiian shirt and Gogo boots are now available in the High Street. Gogo boots in particular are enjoying a comeback and many girls can be seen out and about in shorts worn over tights, with knee length boots – a true variation on the theme. Other Retro sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ hòa phát) includes a whole range of trousers, such as corduroy flares and flared denims, bell bottoms, hipsters and Oxford bags and these are all available for both men and women. Men can also wear Hawaiian shirts, frilly tuxedo shirts, tank tops and denim waistcoats. Girls can choose from a wide range of mini dresses, mini skirts, halter-neck tops, jump suits and hot pants. Dressing up in replicas of the outrageous costumes made famous in the 70s by pop stars such as Marc Bolan, Noddy Holder and Alvin Stardust is great fun for the guys. For girls, you could dress as the Abba singers Anni-Frid and Agnetha, or as members of the dance troupe Pan’s People.

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