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Dressing For That Summer Barbecue

Dressing For That Summer Barbecue

The weather has certainly warmed over the last two weeks and so I like abandoning my car and walking the short distances to the village shops. Everywhere I turn I can smell meat on a grill especially on weekends. Dressing for that summer barbecue can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. It all comes down to practicality and comfort as you are dressing for the outdoors.

Who’s hosting the barbecue?

Is it an office barbecue or are you just nipping round to the neighbours or a friend? If it is work barbecue and you have never been before then find out from reliable co-workers what the dress code is. Make sure you do not ask someone who would send you up a garden path like in Bridget Jones Diary where she dresses like a tart in a playboy bunny costume to attend a family friend’s barbecue while everyone else is regularly dressed.

Dressing for the elements

Whatever the occasion, ideally you want to be comfortably dressed at a summer barbecue. Barbecues are usually held outside so you are dressing for the elements. If your host has not catered for rainfall and chilly weather then be prepared by carrying a light veteran hoodie which you can tie around the waist or use to sit on the grass. I usually walk with a hand held summer umbrella (i.e. parasol) to provide shade if it gets too hot and shelter from the rain if it starts to pour. Remember if you plan to wear a strapless dress apply some aloe sun cream from home. Listen to the weather forecast before you go so you can be prepared.

Summer dresses for that summer barbecue

As much as I like summer dresses, factors such as where the barbecue is being held and whether there will be outside seating, influences how I dress for a barbecue. For annual barbecues you usually know what to expect if you attend every year. If you know that there is outside seating to comfortably sit and enjoy your barbecue meal then go for a summer dress or summer skirt. Dresses and skirts are so much suited for the warm weather than a pair of jeans unless they are short trousers jeans of course. Stay away from the tight jeans if you want to eat as much food as you can. Go for loose fitting outfits that are comfortably on the waist.

Summer colours and patterns

I have kids so I stay away from white because at some point my kids and their food are all over me. I like to wear stain resistant (lưới an toàn) and colourful summery patterns that can usually hide those evil barbecue spillages. A colourful summer dress or summer blouse is ideal when you are attending a barbecue with young kids.

Summer fashion accessories

Add glamour to your look with floppy or wide brimmed straw hats. Wide brimmed summer hats also helps to protect your face from the sun. Head scarves are a must and can really lift an outfit when well matched. You can tie the headscarf around your head or around your hat if you are wearing one.

I usually try to keep it simple at a summer barbecue so I leave my statement jewellery at home and go for leather flower jewellery like an orchid necklace. Copper flora and fauna jewellery is also perfect as it captures the theme of being outdoors. Whatever your choice, all accessories should team nicely with your summer barbecue outfit.

Summer sandals

Flat summer sandals or wedge heels are perfect for that grassy encounter. Similarly a rose sandal simply captures the mood of a garden summer barbecue.

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