Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Dr John DeMartini PhD AB MA Wasn't Always Considered Smart

Dr John DeMartini PhD AB MA Wasn't Always Considered Smart

It’s funny how some of the most brilliant minds don’t start out that way. For those of you not versed in this truth let me name just a few. Albert Einstein. Thomas Edison. Bill Gates and even Henry Ford -these men are all great examples of individuals who were not exactly considered to be standout students! Einstein wasn’t even talking at the age of 6, Edison was a drop out, Bill gates left college without a degree and Henry Ford was actually taken in to a court room to try to prove him and idiot -no joke it really happened! Dr. Demartini himself was labeled “slow” and was told he’d never read beyond a lower grade school level -or ever amount to much for that matter. Can you imagine being the one telling any of these guys that? What a blow that would be! I’d personally want to crawl into a hole and never come out if I had made such a mistake.

Dr. DeMartini didn’t listen to those nay Sayers and lucky for us – he went on to become a Doctor of Chiropractic and Clinical Research. I think that is a marvelous accomplishment considering on top of being labeled with having a learning disability he had so much more to over come. At the age of 14 John dropped out of high school and was homeless, as well as out begging on the streets for anything he could get his hands on as a way just to survive. At 17 he had a near death experience…and that seemingly tragic event served as a catalyst that turned everything in his life around -resulting in a complete 180 degree turn in his thinking, and in the way he had been living his life prior to a near fatal ingestion of strychnine.

When he awoke from that experience, he made a promise to himself to become “a teacher, a healer, and a philosopher.” in order to turn things around for himself internally in his mind, body and spirit. These are the reasons he became a Doctor -the “healer” part of his promise, a Speaker “to master the art of teaching” and he also became a student of Philosophy, Science and Theology “to understand our connection with the Divine.” He has spent the last 30 years keeping his promise and challenging as well as changing the way most people think on a day-to-day basis. Now his association to The Secret is helping him reach even more people than he had before.

As I was looking in to his past, present and future accomplishments and intentions it struck me -how many other people would have just given up in his los angeles dodgers hoodie ? How many of them would have made the type of turn around that Dr. DeMartini did? How many more people are living a life uncontested to their current circumstances? What I mean by that last question is how many people out there are just “settling” for the lives they are living? How many more will never reach their highest potential? How many more will? Johns story can serve as a great testament to the inner strength found deep inside each and every one of us…if we just look deep enough, go down far enough, and reach out high enough I’d be willing to bet the farm we could all succeed in becoming better, happier, and even healthier -in our minds and hearts -you know what I am implying here – after all, those are the places that determine our sense of worth and contentment to begin with! Don’t you agree?

write by Timothy

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