Doll’s quilt and pillow – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton: pattern, 8.5cm square, ten; plain, 8.5cm, ten; backing fabric; spotty turquoiseFusible webbingThread, whiteWaste canvas, 12 countEmbroidery cotton (see key)Fabric, marker, washableWaddingCurved basting pinsBinding fabric, blue/red pattern


Arrange the squares into a pleasing layout, then sew them together in rows, with a 6mm seam allowance, alternating a pattern with a plain white square as in the photo.

Iron fusible webbing onto the back of decorative fabric and cut out a small circle, heart or rectangle. Appliqué some of the white squares by first ironing on the motif and sewing around the outside using blanket or back stitch in matching cotton. Work decorative red stitching around the appliqué if desired.


Tack waste canvas onto a plain white square. Follow the strawberry chart and use two strands of cotton for the cross-stitch.

Stitch over one block of waste canvas, as you would normally stitch over one block of aida. When the cross-stitch is complete, dampen the waste canvas and carefully remove it, thread by thread, using tweezers if necessary.

Press the work carefully and repeat until all the cross-stitch strawberries have been sewn.

Work the red stitched circle around the strawberries, then draw a circle around the motif using the fabric pen. Use two strands of red cotton to sew a neat line of decorative running stitch round the disc.

To make up the quilt

Place the wadding between the quilt top and the backing fabric, like a sandwich. Use the curved basting pins to secure all the layers together, gently smoothing them out from the centre of the quilt.

When the basting pins are all in place, begin quilting around the squares with small neat running stitches. To complete, trim the edges of the quilt and sew a line of backstitch around it.

To make binding, cut strips of blue and red patterned fabric, 6.5cm wide. Join the strips together if necessary to make one long enough to go round the quilt top with a small amount leftover for joining.

Fold the binding strip in half and sew to the edge of the quilt on the right side with back stitch. Join the strip when the two ends meet with a small seam. Fold the binding over to the wrong side and slip stitch it into place by hand. Sew on a pink spotty button.

Doll’s pillow

Cut two rectangles from the turquoise cotton fabric, 10cm x 16cm, plus seam allowance. Tack waste canvas to the right-hand side of a piece of the fabric for the front of the pillow.

Follow the chart for a strawberry motif and use two strands of cotton for the crossstitch. Sew over one block of the waste canvas.

When the cross-stitch is complete, dampen the waste canvas and remove it.

Press the front of the pillow and place it right sides together with the backing piece, then sew around the edges with a 6mm seam allowance, leaving a small gap at the bottom. Turn the pillow out to the right side and press. Stuff with polyester toy filling and neatly sew up the gap.