Doll’s House Bag – Free sewing patterns



Fabric: linen, cream; coordinating printed cottons, sixButtonsEmbroidery threadRibbon: striped, 1.5cm wide; ginghamBobble trimSelf-adhesive hook and loopFusible webbingCordToy filling1cm seam allowance used throughout, unless otherwise stated.

1 Download and print the templates from Doubling the measurements to create full size pieces, cut two outer bags, two roofs, one window, one front door, one background, four wardrobe doors, one box, four duvets and four pillows. Attach the roofs to one of the outer bag pieces, which will become the front of the house. Sew the lower straight edge to the bag and edge stitch the remaining edges to the bag.

2 Using the narrow ribbon, cut two lengths and sew in a cross to form the panes onto the window piece. Fold and press the seam allowance in on all four edges. Position the window and edge stitch in place. Fold and press in three edges on the door. Position and edge stitch in place. Sew a length of striped ribbon to the top of the door and stitch a button to form a door handle.

3 Sew the bobble trim under the roof edge. Using embroidery thread and running stitch, make three stems, then sew a button to the top of each to form flowers. To complete the front of the house, adhere the three die-cut butterflies backed with fusible webbing above the door and embroider the antenna to each.

4 To form the inside of the house, position the background to the remaining outer bag. Position and stitch two lengths of striped ribbon, one at the top and one at the base. Sew the edges of the ribbon to hold the background in place. Divide the wardrobe door pieces into two sets by laying the pieces in pairs right sides together. Stitch, leaving a gap in one of the long edges. Trim the bulk from the corners and turn to the right side through the gap. Tease out the corners and seam edges and press flat.

5 Position the doors onto the bag. Lay a length of cord underneath towards the top of the doors and edge stitch the outer edges. Sew two buttons to the doors and stick hook and loop behind to fasten them closed. Attach a length of striped ribbon to the top. Stitch a length of narrow ribbon towards the top of the box piece. Fold and press in all the edges. Position on the top of the wardrobe and edge stitch in place. Tie a bow in the narrow ribbon and sew this to the top of the box.

6 Make up the duvets in the same way as the wardrobe doors. Fold and press in 2cm along one of the shorter edges of each piece. Position the duvets and edge stitch in place leaving the fold unstitched. Make up the pillows in the same way. Turn to the right side and stuff each pillow, then hand slip stitch the gaps closed. Stick hook and loop to the back of each and the opposite side above the duvets, then fasten the pillows in place. Adhere die-cut stars backed with fusible webbing above the beds.

7 To make the handles, cut two strips from the linen measuring 6cm x 30cm. Fold and press the two long edges in so that they are touching through the centre of the strip. Cover the centred edges with two strips of striped ribbon and edge stitch, sealing the raw edges inside. Position the handles to the top roof edges and sew in place.

8 Position the two prepared outer bags one on top of the other, right sides facing. Sew all the way around the edges of the bag, leaving a gap in the stitching line at the base of the bag. Trim the bulk from the corners, clip between the roof pieces, then turn to the right side through the gap. Tease out the corners and seam edges, then press flat. Fold the bag in half and press along the fold. Stick a hook and loop fastening to hold the bag.