DIY Pin Cushion – Cute Pincushion Tutorial

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Have you got lots of scrap fabric in your stash that is looking for a new purpose? What about making a DIY pin cushion? These cute, round pin cushions are really simple to make and are great gift ideas too. See the bottom of the article for more DIY pin cushion tutorials.

diy pin cushionPinDIY Pin Cushion


DIY Pin Cushion – SuppliesDIY Pin Cushion – The VideoDIY Pin Cushion – The StepsStep 1 – Draw CirclesStep 2 – StitchStep 3 – Clip Step 4 – Turn & PressStep 5 – StuffingStep 6 – SegmentsDIY Pin Cushion – In Conclusion More DIY Pin Cushion Tutorials

DIY Pin Cushion – Supplies

You will need:

Scraps of fabric – I prefer cotton fabric. Fat quarters are ideal as you will get several DIY pin cushions out of every piece. Embroidery floss – This is to sew the segments. Crotchet thread or yarn can also be used. Regular sewing thread is not normally strong enough. Basics – needle, thread, scissorsStuffing – Polyester stuffing. You can also substitute fabric scraps cut up really small.

DIY Pin Cushion – The Video

Check out this video I made for you showing all the steps. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly sewing and craft videos.

DIY Pin Cushion VIDEO

DIY Pin Cushion – The Steps

Step 1 – Draw Circles

Use a teacup or something round to trace out 2 circles on your scrap fabric. My cup was 4 inches across which made a really nice sized pin cushion but you can make yours larger or smaller if you wish.

trace around trace around Pin

Step 2 – Stitch

Put your 2 circles with RIGHT sides together.

Stitch around the circles with a ¼ inch (6mm) seam and leave a 1 ½ (4cm) gap.

Step 3 – Clip

Clip around the seam but leave the section where the gap is unclipped. This means putting small snips around the edge being careful not to cut through the stitching.

clip the diy pin cushionclip the diy pin cushionPinStitching

Step 4 – Turn & Press

Turn the pin cushion right way out and give it a press

Step 5 – Stuffing

Stuff your DIY pin cushion and close the gap with an invisible ladder stitch.

stuff the diy pin cushionstuff the diy pin cushionPinClose the Gap with a Ladder (Invisible Stitch)

Step 6 – Segments

Knot a piece of embroidery floss and pass the needle through the top center all the way through to the bottom center.

Bring the needle up and around to the top again. Repeat until you have 8 segments. Pull the thread tight enough so it gathers just slightly to give a puffy look.

Knot off the floss and then use the thread to sew a button on top. Knot off and cut the thread.

segment the diy pin cushionsegment the diy pin cushionPinSewing the Segments

DIY Pin Cushion – In Conclusion

And there you are all finished. My first DIY pin cushion took me around 15 minutes but the second 2 were done in under 10 minutes. They were really fast but I think the stuffing took the longest!

DIY Pin CushionDIY Pin CushionPinDIY Pin Cushion

More DIY Pin Cushion Tutorials

Here are some more free DIY pin cushion tutorials. My favorite is the felt one with the applique. What is yours?

PinPatch Pin Cushionpin cushionpin cushionPinPin CushionPinFelt Pin Cushionmason jar pin cushionmason jar pin cushionPinMason Jar Pincushion

How to Make a Pincushion – Patchwork square shaped pin cushionPincushion Patterns – Felt with an applique sewing machine motif. This pincushion is done is all hand sewing. Mason Jar Pincushion – Recycle old jars into a stylish pincushion for your workroom. DIY Pin Cushion – Round pin cushion

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