dino toys – Free sewing patterns


Fat quarters, twoFusible webbingBlack feltBlack embroidery threadAir-erasable penSelction of ribbonsToy stuffing

Dimensions List

20cm x 21cm

Cut out two dinosaur bodies using the templates.Trace two bellies onto fusible webbing and iron onto coordinating fabric. Cut out, position on the dinosaur bodies using the template as a guide and iron in place.

Using a wide zig zag stitch on your machine, sew around the curved edge of the tummy section and where it meets the tops of the legs using cream sewing thread. Cut out two black circles of felt for the eyes. Position on the head and hand sew into place. Draw a mouth using an air-erasable pen and back stitch with black embroidery thread.

Cut nine pieces of various ribbons, ranging between 8cm and 9cm and pin, facing inwards, to one of the body sections using the template as a guide. Pin the two body sections right sides together. Sew around the edge leaving a gap.

Snip the corners and trim the excess fabric. Turn through and press, and turn in the open seam. Stuff lightly with toy filling. Hand sew the gap using coordinating thread.