Dimity the Doll – Free sewing patterns



Fabric, fat quarters, cotton: printed, plain Fibre fillingLightweight quilt waddingPale pink pencil

1 Download the templates at sewmag.co.uk, print and cut out. From printed fabric, cut one full shape and one lower body shape, adding a 5mm seam allowance. Snip a head piece from plain fabric and sew to the lower body at the neck to make a complete piece. Place the pieces right sides together and stitch all the way around, leaving a small gap in the top side of the head. Clip the curves and turn out. Lightly stuff with fibre filling, turn in the edges of the gap and slipstitch closed. With a soft pencil, sketch features onto the doll, then embroider with two strands of embroidery thread, securing the stitches on the back of the head. Use a pale pink pencil to add rosy cheeks.

2 Cut two arm pieces from contrasting fabric and one from lightweight quilt wadding. Layer the right sides together fabric onto the wadding and sew all the way around, leaving a small gap at the top centre. Turn out and press well, folding in the raw edges of the gap. Wrap the arms around the doll’s body so that the hands overlap, then pin in place. Oversew the arm wrap to the body, working on both edges, starting and finishing the join 1cm from the side seams at the front of the body.

3 Cut headscarf pieces from two different fabrics and stitch right sides together, leaving a small gap at the bottom centre. Turn out and press, before topstitching the seams 3mm from the edge. Tack the centre straight edge to the top of the forehead and pin the other edge to the back of the head. Fold in the top edge and bring the ties to the centre, pinning them in the middle. Oversew the lower sides of the ties to the side of the face to hold them in place.

4 Cut fabric, 5cm square, fold in half right sides together and stitch down the edge. Turn out, move the seam to the middle and sew into a small loop. Unpin the ties from the centre of the head, and slip the ends through the loops from either side. Slip-stitch the loop to the top centre of the forehead and tuck the ends of the ties back into the loop to form a bow.