Mon. Jun 5th, 2023
Cyprus Reflections

Cyprus Reflections

Cyprus is a great jumping off point if you fancy taking a cruise in the Middle East, and a very pleasant rendezvous in which to relax for a few days before you embark.

Around 1200 BC Aphrodite rolled out of the sea foam at Petra tou Romio and put Cyprus on the map. Everywhere you go in Cyprus you will see the ancient goddess of the Olympian pantheon immortalized in statues, in perfume, on tea towels and even along the barrel of disposable cigarette lighters. Street tavernas proudly celebrate her name on menus and tableware, its mere use a talisman of good luck for good natured Cypriots.

The locals are always ready for a party in the larger towns and also in the tiny villages, where you can be sure of a warm and smiling welcome. Folk music is always on offer but if you fancy something more likely to give you a headache, Agia Napa is an international club venue, with highly satisfactory deafening noises continuing from around 11.30 pm until breakfast.

Last time I visited Agia Napa I ate my breakfast at a sleepy street cafe whilst under the table my feet rested against the prone body of a snoring party goer, clutching an empty bottle of Cypriot wine and wearing a sweatshirt (lưới cầu thang) new york yankees hawaiian shirt with the legend ‘WAKE ME FOR LANDING’ emblazoned across the back.

Cyprus enjoys a rich history of artistic culture. You will see fine examples of pottery, stitchwork and lace everywhere, and the street markets are always a colourful mixture of local crafts and food. There are a multitude of souvenirs to take home so remember to take a spare suitcase.

During the summer months there are a number of one day cruises available along the coast. These cruises are very popular, they include light refreshments on board and sometimes lunch at one of the mid way stops.

No trip to Cyprus would be complete without a tour of the Troodos National Forest Park. The climb along the mountain road is spectacular and there are picnic sites, camping sites, nature trails, and facilities for winter sports etc. There is a Visitor Centre which supplies information about the Park facilities.

Then of course, there are the beaches. Bright blue sky and deep blue sea, and endless sunshine make Cyprus a sunseekers paradise. If it’s a suntan you are after, then Cyprus guarantees to return you chocolate coated and smiling. Remember to take the sunscreen. For a super duper selection of private homes to stay in on sunny Cyprus, go to and take your pick.

write by Viva