Customised Cover-Up – Free sewing patterns


Cowl neck jumperVelvet, 50cmGuipure laceSew-on stones

Dimensions List

Custom sized.

Turn a jumper into a cover-up

1 Lay a jumper flat and cut off the sleeve and hem borders. For the hem section, snip the side seams then cut straight down the middle of the front border. You will now have three pieces.

2 Draw a line down the centre front of your jumper and cut. Snip off the cowl neck, making sure you cut just below the joining seam. This will ensure that you have two finished edges for your new neckline.

3 Lay your borders onto velvet (or your chosen contrasting fabric) and cut around, adding a 1.3cm seam allowance. Sew the sections to the bottom of the cardigan. Hem with your preferred method. Sew the sleeve sections in place, then hem.

4 Cut the cowl neck in half so that you have two pieces, then sew them together to create one long strip. To ensure it’s long enough, measure the neckline from the hem, around the neck hole, and back down the other side. If the strip is too short, join some of the hem border to make up the length, trimming the ends to a point to meet the hem. Stitch the strip along the neckline.

5 Add your chosen embellishments, cutting appliqués from guipure lace fabric and arranging these over the velvet joining seams. Pin in place and once happy, hand sew in place. Stitch sew-on stones as desired.