Curly Hair Teddy Bear – Free sewing patterns



Fabric, curly animal furFelt, brown RibbonPolyester toy fillingToy eyes and noseJoints, four5mm seam allowance used throughout, unless otherwise stated.

Cutting guide

Side heads: cut one pair from furTop head: cut one from furBody: cut one pair from furTop arms: cut one pair from furUnderarms: cut one pair from furLegs: cut two pairs from furEars: cut two pairs from furSoles: cut one pair from feltHands: cut one pair from felt

Download and print the pattern at then follow the cutting guide. With right sides together, stitch the two pairs of legs, with a 3mm seam allowance; starting from the base of the foot, all the way around the outer edges of the legs to the opposite edge of the foot. Match the notch at the back of the felt sole to the back seam of the leg and the front to the front seam of the leg, then stitch the sole to the foot.

Make a small cut on the top of the leg as marked on the template in what will become the part that sits next to the body. Clip the concave curves of the seam allowance and turn the legs right side out through the small cuts. Tease out the edges, then stuff the legs firmly.

Position the button end of the joint into the top of the slit and then over sew the slits, enclosing the button end inside the legs. Stitch the felt hands to the straight edges of the underarm pieces. Sew the top arms to the underarms all the way around. Make the small slits in the top of the underarms, turn right side out, stuff firmly and enclose a joint in each arm in the same way as the legs.

Stitch the darts into the top and base of the body pieces, match the two together, then stitch from the notch in the back seam up and over the neck, down around the base, and back up to the lower notch in the back seam. Make tiny holes in the joint positions marked on the body template. Turn the body right side out through the gap in the back seam.

Place a washer onto the shank of the joint, pass the shank through the corresponding hole, then push the backs of the joints on firmly. Repeat the process attaching the arms and legs. Fill the body tightly with stuffing. Over sew the gap closed.

Turn up 3mm at the base of each ear piece. Divide the ear pieces into pairs, pin and stitch around the edges, then turn right side out. Match the chin seam of the side head pieces together and stitch. Position the top head to the side heads by matching the nose on each piece together and then the side edges of the top head to the top edge of the side head pieces; stitch in place from the nose to the back neck on both sides.

Attach the nose by passing the shank through the chin seam close to the tip of the nose position on the head. Push the eyes through the side head seams and attach in the positions marked on the template. Fill the head tightly with stuffing. Position the ears as indicated on the side and top head template and hand slip-stitch in place, making a small pleat in the centre. Make a running stitch all the way around the base open edge of the head and pull up firmly. Match the chin seam to the centre front body seam and over sew the head in position. Tie a ribbon bow around the neck.