Corduroy Yo Yo Bag – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: corduroy, red, 50cm x 65cm; pink, 15cm square; gingham, pink and white, 50cm x 65cm;cotton, red, 30cm square;cotton, assorted red and pink prints, 15cm square, sevenFelt, pink, scrapsButtons, vintage, white, assorted sizes, sevenRic rac, assorted shades ofpink, 20cm of eachRibbon, pink, 26cmBag handles, black, acrylic Fusible webbingClover yo yo maker, extra large

Dimensions List

25cm x 30cm

Stitch a yo yo bag

Download the templates and print out. Create seven yo yos from assorted red and pink prints, and put to one side. Cut the front, back and base shapes from red corduroy fabric. Then cut out two backs and one base shape from pink and white gingham for the lining.

At one angled edge on the top of the bag front, turn over a 1cm hem and machine stitch. Pin pink ribbon trim across the angled edge and sew into place, trimming the ends of the ribbon to size. Cut out two triangular shapes using the template, one from pink corduroy and one from red cotton. With right sides facing, attach the two together by pinning the long edges together and machine stitching into place, so you end up with a rough square shape. Cut out a piece of red cotton the same size. With wrong sides facing, pin the two pieces together and machine stitch around the outer edges to hold the fabrics together and create the pocket piece.

Place the pocket piece behind one angled edge on the front of the bag, aligning it with the top and sides of the bag and pin into place. Measure 1cm in from the ribbon trim at the top and the side of the bag. Go vertically down from the top point and horizontally from the side point until these lines meet. You should have created a right angle. Mark this on the bag with a fabric pen or pencil, then topstitch the right angle incorporating the pocket piece beneath as you sew. Make and insert the other pocket piece in the same way.

Arrange the yo yos across the bag as shown. Place and pin ric rac beneath to make flower stems, trimming it to size. Move the yo yos to one side and machine stitch the ric rac into place. Iron fusible webbing onto a scrap of pink felt and cut out four leaf shapes. Position the leaves on the front of the bag and press to secure, then machine stitch around them using coordinating thread. Put the yo yos back in place, pin and hand sew with small slip stitches around each one. Sew white buttons to the centre of each.

With right sides facing, pin the sides of the front and back pieces together and machine stitch into place. Pin the base of the bag in place and machine stitch. Press all seams open. Repeat with the lining pieces, making sure that it fits well. Press all seams open. Press down a 2cm hem at the open edge of the bag and the lining and put to one side.

To make the handle tabs cut a 3.5cm x 32cm strip of red corduroy fabric. Fold and press down 1cm on both long sides and then fold in the middle for the sides to meet. Pin and machine stitch up the length. Cut this into four 8cm sections. Thread the tabs through bag handles and pin to the top of the bag and machine stitch into place. Push the lining into the bag, matching up the side seams as you do so and pin, then hand sew the lining into the bag using neat whip stitches.