Coordinating Hat and Scarf – Free sewing patterns


Tweed, 80cm (1.5m wide)Lining fabric, 50cm squareSoft leather, 20cm square2.5cm wide elasticDouble-sided pelmet stiffener, 30cm2.5cm cover buttonFabric glue


Hat: one sizeScarf: 40cm x 1.5m

Dimensions List

Hat peak: cut two from tweedPeak stiffener: cut two from pelmet stiffenerCrown panel: cut eight each from tweed and liningHat band: cut one 6cm x 60cm strip each from from tweed and liningScarf: cut one 40cm x 1.5m strip from tweed1cm seam allowance used throughout.

1 Download and print the pattern from Cut out all of the pieces according to the cutting guide. Glue the two peak stiffener pieces together, leaving the paper on the outer sides. Pin the hat peak pieces right sides together, then sew around. Peel the paper from one side of the stiffener, stick it to the fabric, then turn the peak right sides out. Remove the paper on the other side of the stiffener and seal the fabric in place.

2 Sew the tweed crown panels together in two sections of four. To enable the points of the panels to join neatly, stop stitching 1cm from the top. Repeat this for the lining pieces. Cover a button with leather (see Core Skills panel) and attach it to the centre-top of the crown panels.

3 Stitch the two short ends of the tweed hat band together, then repeat for the lining piece. Press the seams open. Match the band seam to the centre base of one of the crown panels. Pin the remainder around the base and sew, then repeat for the lining. Pin the centre inside edge of the peak to the centre front point of the band. Tack the peak to the band, then stitch.

4 Position 10cm of elastic centrally over the centre-back seam of the band lining. Stretch the elastic slightly and stitch to the band to secure. Sew the other end in place, being careful to stitch it in the same place on the opposite side of the centre-back seam.

5 Place the fabric hat in the lining, with the right sides of the lining together. Match the centre-back seams of the bands, pin around the edges and stitch, leaving a 10cm gap at one side of the peak. Turn the hat through the gap, then slip stitch the gap closed. Tease out the seam and press the lining. Edgestitch around the base of the band, from one side of the peak to the other.

6 For the bow, cut a 4cm x 17cm strip of leather, then fold in half lengthwise and glue the raw edges. Fold the two short ends in towards each other in the middle and glue again. Wrap a 2.5cm x 5cm leather band around the middle of the folded strip, pull tight and glue together at the reverse. Sew to one side of the peak on the hat band.

7 For the scarf, mark the centre point of one long edge. Cut from the corners of the opposite long edge up to this point to form a large triangle. Fold and press in 1cm twice around all three edges. Pin and edgestitch in place. Cut two strips of leather to the length of the scarf ends, then wrap and glue them in place. Make a bow as for the hat, then sew to the centre point.