Christmas Patchwork Placemats – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: Christmas Village fat quarters; white cottonLightweight quilt wadding

1 This mat uses 36 rectangles split into three columns of 12. Start by cutting several rectangles, 7cm x 13cm, from three different fabrics. Lay out the first column on a flat surface in a herringbone design with the rectangles slanting up, alternating the fabrics as you go. Start from the base of the column and stitch the short edge of the first rectangle to the lower edge of the second rectangle, with a 0.5cm seam allowance.

2 Open out these pieces and sew the lower edge of the third rectangle to the top edge of the joined first and second sections, lining up the short edge of the third with the long edge of the second. Stop the seam 1.5cm from the end of the third piece. Continue stitching the rectangles together in this way, leaving 1.5cm free at the end each time. Lay out and sew together two more identical columns.

3 Take the first and second column and start working from the top of each. Line up the short edge of the first rectangle in one column with the leftover long edge from the other. Check that the points at the ends of the columns are still level, then sew together. Line up the next set of adjacent edges and stitch together, carrying on from the previously unsewn sections of the seam to give a smooth line. Continue sewing the columns in this way.

4 Press the quilt top and trim the wide zig zag edges from one side. Take this over to the other edge of the patchwork and stitch onto the corresponding zig zag. Cut across the points of the columns to straighten the top edge, and stitch the resulting triangles into the recesses at the base of the quilt to create straight edges. Pin the patchwork onto wadding and white cotton backing fabric. Topstitch the design as desired, before trimming the edges and binding with 4cm wide strips of coordinating fabric.