Celebration Party Hat and Wand – Free sewing patterns



FabricFelt, assorted coloursFusible interfacingRibbons, beads and trimsWooden rod, 25cmToy stuffingFabric glueYarnPaint

Magic Wand

1 Download and print the templates. Paint a wooden rod and leave to dry. Iron interfacing to the reverse of a 12cm x 22cm piece of printed fabric, then cut out a pair of stars. Pin them right sides together and stitch around with a 1cm seam, leaving a 3cm gap at the bottom. Clip the seam allowance. Turn the star right side out, push out the points and press. Select a variety of 20cm-25cm long ribbons and stitch them together at one end. Glue this to an end of the dry rod and bind with thread to secure.

2 Stuff the star, spreading it evenly into the points. Dab some glue around the end of the rod and push it into the star through the bottom. Leave to dry then hand stitch the gap shut. Let your little one decorate with bows, jewels and beads however they wish.


1 Cut out the fabric and fuse interfacing onto the wrong side. There should be an overlap of fabric on the long curved edge and the two straight ones. Fold the overlapping material over to the wrong side and stitch or glue in place. Roll the fabric into a cone shape so the straight edges meet, securing them with tiny whip stitches – beginning at the top and working down.

2 Use a pompom maker or wrap yarn around the prongs of a fork 25 times and tie around the middle tightly. Remove from the fork, snip the ends and fluff up. Repeat until you have enough pompoms to go around the base. Make a larger one for the top. Hand sew two lengths of ribbon to the brim of the hat at opposite sides, long enough to tie under your child’s chin. Secure the pompoms in position around the hat, then decorate the front with a couple of fabric hearts.