Camera strap – Free sewing patterns


Cotton fabric, scrapsSoft leather, two 6cm x 30cm1” dog clips, one pairSplit ring, 2.5cm, twoFusible webbing

Dimensions List

6cm x 95cm

stitch a strap

1 Cut several 10cm wide rectangles of fabric in coordinating prints. With right sides facing, sew the pieces together using a 1cm seam allowance until you have a 97cm length. Press the seams open. Order your fabrics randomly or create a symmetrical pattern. Press under a 2cm turning at each long edge.

2 Join 9.4cm strips of contrasting fabric to make a 97cm length. Press the seams and turnings as for the strap. Lay the lining centrally along the strap, with wrong sides facing. Tack in place and machine stitch all the way round, using a 6mm seam allowance.

3 With right sides facing, pin the short end of a 6cm x 30cm leather strip to the right side of the strap and machine stitch, taking a 1cm seam allowance. Slip the leather through the top of a clip and split ring. Pin the loose end to the back of the strap, ensuring it isn’t twisted. Machine stitch in place, sewing twice along the seam to secure.

4 Trim a small triangle from each corner of the seam allowance. Pull the clip down to the end of the looped leather. Slip a 10cm length of fusible webbing inside the centre of the loop and press in place, using a cloth to protect the leather. Add another strip of leather to the other side, and join the other clip and split ring in the same way to finish.