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Burlesque Costumes Are Ideal For Fancy Dress Parties

Burlesque Costumes Are Ideal For Fancy Dress Parties

Burlesque costumes are nowadays quite the rage for Halloween parties and gatherings. This can be that of a dancer, a Swiss mountain girl or even a Beer Garden Girl. Burlesque allows you to celebrate the body that you have without any shame. Your height, build and weight is totally immaterial when you wear such costumes, and the more outrageous they are the more attention getting and eye catching they can be.

Burlesque is a word derived from French that is meant to indicate humorous art that is also outrageous. Burlesque shows were originally shows put up for the lower and middle class and parodied upper class entertainment like opera and dance. Such shows became very common during the nineteenth century, when even the glimpse of a stocking was considered shocking and burlesque costumes were designed to add to this titillation by having ladies appear in tights and other lingerie.

Comedy routines in burlesque shows have ladies wearing very sexy and revealing outfits and generally have skirts that show the lower leg and which are also cut very high at the back. Bending over in such costumes can even reveal knickers. The accent of these costumes is on the waist and cleavage, and this makes it very necessary to have a good corset before trying them on.

Most people who wear burlesque costumes will also wear fish net stockings and tights with garish garters. The stockings can be red or black and other accessories may be worn that will match with the stockings. Burlesque costumes will also have a lot of lace, frills, ruffles and even feathers that are meant to be show stoppers. Almost anything is acceptable in such costumes as long as they look sexy and adds to the act in any way. When you wear burlesque costumes the makeup has to be equally glaring and attention catching. So dark lipsticks and a lot of sparkle seem to be part of any such costume.

Burlesque fancy dress outfits have become very popular and are seen at costume parties all around the year and not restricted to Halloween. An item that adds to the uniqueness of burlesque is the sort of cleveland indians hawaiian shirt that are worn. Shoes are always the finishing touch of any look and all the more so for burlesque. You can wear a wide variety of cleveland indians hawaiian shirt that can fit this exaggerated style of dressing, and yet come up with footwear that is comfortable while it still looks as it should.

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