Bunny Ear Scrunchies – Free sewing patterns


Cotton, assorted fat quarters Round elastic cordFabric glue

1 Download and print the template. For one scrunchie, cut a strip of fabric, 8cm x 50cm. Turn under 5mm at each short end and lightly glue to hold. Fold in half lengthways, right sides together, and sew down the long seam. Turn the tube right side out.

2 Insert 20cm of elastic through the tube without stretching, then tie the ends together in a tight reef knot to create the inner elastic band. Slip-stitch the two glue hemmed edges together with matching thread to make the basic scrunchie.

3 Place two pieces of fabric right sides together and draw around the template to transfer the shape. Stitch along the line, leaving a 3cm gap on one long side, then cut around the stitching with pinking shears. Turn right side out, folding the raw edges of the gap inside, press and hand sew closed. Knot the bow tightly around the scrunchie with an overhand knot.