Bulgarian cross stitch makeup purse – Free sewing patterns


14-count white Aida, 30cm x 40cmCotton lining fabric, 20cm x 40cmWhite sewing threadEmbroidery thread, two skeins of red,one skein each of black, green, yellowSewing needleTapestry needleEmbroidery hoop18cm zip, 18cm

Dimensions List

17cm square

Stitch a purse

1 Stretch aida across an embroidery hoop, then thread a tapestry needle with two strands of red thread, approximately 140cm long. Download the chart from the template pack for Sew January 2015 (click button above).

2 Find the centre of the fabric and mark it with a pin or a small stitch. Bring your needle up in the centre, remembering to secure the end. Remove the pin or unpick the stitch.

3 Start embroidering the design working from the centre outwards. You may find it easiest to work all the cross stitches in an area, or for the entire work, and then add the outlines in back stitch.

4 When you have finished the embroidery, trim the aida so that it measures 20.5cm x 38cm, with the embroidery centred. With right sides facing, join the two short ends with a 1.5cm seam, forming a tube. Flatten the fabric with the seam positioned at the centre back so that the embroidered area will be the front.

5 Stitch the base of the bag with a 1.5cm seam. Trim the seams and clip the corners. Turn the top edge to the wrong side by 1.5cm and insert a zip in the gap. Pin, tack and stitch in place.

6 Cut two 19.5cm squares of lining fabric. Place right sides together and stitch the sides and base with a 1cm seam. Clip the corners. Slip the lining into the bag, fold under the raw edge at the top and slip stitch this folded edge to the zip on both sides.

7 Using any leftover embroidery thread, make a pompom by cutting 5cm lengths of thread, holding them in a bunch and tying a piece around the middle. Fluff up and tie to the zip pull.