Broderie Anglais White Dove and Embroidered Bird Decorations – Free sewing patterns


**white dove**Fabric, broderie anglais Felt: pale green; mustard; brown, scraps of eachThread: cotton, matching; embroidery, blackStuffing, polyester Wire, thin Elastic**Embroidered bird**Fabric: wool coating,brown; old scarf, scrapFelt, redThread, embroidery, matching Buttons: brass, two; wooden, twoStuffing, polyesterAcorn cap

Dimensions List

**white dove**15cm x 22cm**Embroidered bird**9.5cm x 19cm

Stitch a white dove

Download the templates for this project. Using the dove template, cut out a front and back from broderie anglais. With wrong sides facing, use blanket stitch to sew around the bird, leaving a small gap for stuffing. Fill, using a bluntly pointed tool to gently push the stuffing into the tips of the wings. Blanket stitch closed.

Using one strand of black embroidery thread, create eyes on either side of the head by stitching in a star formation. Cut out the beak from mustard felt, then pin and stitch in place. Cut a 1cm x 8cm strip of brown felt for the branch. Fold it in half lengthways and blanket stitch the side and one end closed. Insert wire, folding over the tips so they don’t poke through the felt, then sew closed.

Cut out olive leaves in pale green felt. Arrange along the branch, leaving a gap for the beak, and stitch in place. Place the olive branch in the dove’s beak, and secure with small invisible stitches inside the mouth and through the broderie anglais. Sew a loop of elastic to the back of the dove for hanging.

Sew an embroidered bird

Using the embroidered bird template, cut out the sides, top of the tail and beak in brown wool coating. Then cut out the breast and underside of the tail in red felt. Match up the sides of the bird, pin, then sew 1cm from the tip of the tail end, across the top of the body and around the head to just below the beak.

With right sides facing, line up one edge of the breast with the edge of body, pin, and sew together. Stitch the other edge of the breast to the other side of the body, but leave a 5cm gap at.