Brandi Passante’s biography, fact, career, awards, net worth & life story

Source of Wealth: Auction, TelevisionAge: 39Birth Place: United States of AmericaMarital Status: Partner (Jarrod Schulz)Full Name: Brandi PassanteNationality: AmericanDate of Birth: May 16, 1980Ethnicity: White / CaucasianOccupation: Reality TV Personality, BusinesswomanChildren: 2

American businesswoman and reality television personality Brandi Passante has estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante are Storage Wars stars who are running a roughly 3000-square foot thrift called “Now And Then” in Orange County California.

Jarrod and Brandi have been together for 12 years now and they have two children, but they are not still married. Nevertheless, they both manage to have a balanced on and off-screen relationship. Brandi and Jarrod started their business after they have run out of space in their house to store their treasures. They built a thrift store which sells items purchased from auctions.

The thrift store offers a wide variety of items for sale which range from furniture to electronics and anything in between. Brandi and husband Jarrod are both working in the store and they have noticed that many people are visiting the store to see and talk with them as Storage Wars stars. According to the couple, their appearance in Storage Wars has created a slight boost in their profit but not to the maximum level. Brandi claimed that she is comfortable with slow yet steady and sustainable income growth which can support their family.

Some people see Brandi as an overbearing partner who controls Jarrod with a short leash. But according to Brandi, she just wants her business to succeed. Nobody knows if this is the setup in real life or this is the just the couple’s strategy to give more depth to their characters. Brandi always goes along with Jarrod whenever the latter shows up to an auction to purchase some valuable items. She makes sure that Jarrod is making the right decision and she always tries to minimize the risks associated with every purchase.

Storage Wars has labeled the couple as ‘young guns’ which means that the couple has the least financial capital amongst the central buyers. According to Brandi, there are loses with running and operating an auction-supplied thrift store. This explains her behavior towards Jarrod’s purchase expenses. She supervises every transaction he makes to make sure that they won’t end up bankrupted. Most of the time, Brandi is very skeptical and cautious. She controls Jarrod’s excitement because at times, he loses his self control and allows his enthusiasm and excitement to drive him. If left uncontrolled, it can incur financial losses to their thrift store.