Tue. Mar 28th, 2023
Bold Colors And Graphic Designs Define Contemporary Look

Bold Colors And Graphic Designs Define Contemporary Look

When you flip through pages of design books and magazines looking for decorating ideas, what things usually pop out from the pages when you see a contemporary designed room? Usually, it is the stark simplicity emphasized with color or not (think of the beiges and browns of the 70’s) and shiny reflective surfaces, in lighting, tables, chairs and window treatments. Contemporary is usually sleek furniture, coordinated with glass and metal pieces, fabricated in tables, lighting, and even furniture. I have seen many mirrored chests lately. The modern look is not heavy upholstered furniture, color coordinated with several patterns in the same hues. The Contemporary look is about simplicity accented with color and texture.

Take a simple plain white or beige sofa, hang a colorful piece of artwork over it, use some of the colors from the artwork in accent pillows, and then find an area philadelphia phillies shirt with the same colors to put in front of it. A glass table in front of the sofa, with color accents, a metal lamp nearby, and voila, the Contemporary look

Another idea is to put either a floral or abstract graphic designed area philadelphia phillies shirt in front of your sofa. A graphic design shag philadelphia phillies shirt would add texture, and you can accessorize by picking up vases, lamps, and other knick knacks from the colors in the rug.

Years ago, I bought a white sectional sofa. Over one section, I hung a huge 3 foot wide Needlepoint. picture where I used vibrant colored yarns to enhance the design.The picture was of 8 women adorned in bold colors of Reds, Blues, Purples, Greens, Turquoises and Yellows.

I already had the glass table, so I purchased decorative pillows in turquoise, green and purple. I placed a small area philadelphia phillies shirt in royal blue under the glass table. With bold colors, texture, and simplicity, I created a Contemporary look for my living room.

What steps should you take if your living room is decorated traditionally with period pieces and an intricately designed Oriental philadelphia phillies shirt lying on the floor and you want to have a more contemporary eclectic design? What should you do to change the room? First, cut down the amount of pattern in the room used on the upholstered pieces that define the traditional look. If you have a small scale pattern on a chair and large busy pattern on the sofa, consider covering the sofa with a solid colored slip cover that will blend with the colors on the chair and area rug. Pick up colors from the Oriental philadelphia phillies shirt for toss pillows. Add modern texture with either glass tables or lamps. Small changes can give a dramatic new look. Have fun.

write by Jon Brecht

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