Bird Motif Scandi Cushion – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, cotton/linen, white, heavyweight, 50cm; lining, white, 50cmThread, whiteFabric paint: red; blue Birds and Berries stencilBrush, stencilTissueBobble trim, redToy stuffingButtons, mother of pearl,2cm, three

Dimensions List

29cm x 35cm

Make a stencilled cushion

Wash, dry and press cotton fabric, then cut a 36cm x 41cm rectangle from it. You will need to do the stencilling in stages. Pour a little red fabric paint onto a wad of tissue and dry stencil the bird motif onto the left side of the cushion. Then do the branch so that he is perching on it, and the longer branch underneath.

When stencilling the bottom section of birds and berries, start with the birds first. When you’ve done one, clean the stencil, flip it over and do the other one, as the second bird is a reversed image. Draw around the birds on a piece of paper and carefully cut them out. Then place these cut-outs over the birds in the stencil and secure with masking tape. Stencil the branches and berries on top.

Mix up a little blue with the red fabric paint and use it to create shading. Once dry, fix the paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then tack bobble trim to the stencilled side of the fabric, bobbles facing inwards, and machine stitch.

Cut out a 31cm x 41cm rectangle. On one long edge, fold over 1cm followed by 6cm, pin and machine stitch. Mark out the centre point, and stitch three 2.5cm buttonholes, with a 4.5cm gap between each one. Cut out a 26cm x 41cm rectangle. Fold over a 1cm hem twice, pin and stitch. Lay the two back panels on top of each other, with the button holes on top, then mark out the position of the buttons and sew them on.

Layer the three panels together, making sure the pieces are in the right sequence. Lay the stencilled fabric face up, then the buttonhole panel, right side facing down. Finally lay the panel with the buttons sewn on right side down. Hand tack in place and machine stitch in white thread.

To make the cushion, cut out two 36cm x 41cm rectangles from white lining fabric. Pin and machine stitch the pieces together leaving a gap big enough to add the stuffing. Turn the cushion out and fill with toy stuffing. Stitch up the gap neatly and place inside the cushion cover.