Bike Cushion and Card Wallet – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: bike print, grey, jade; linen, natural RibbonCushion pad, 30cm x 42cmInterfacing, pelmetThread, machine, black; cream

Dimensions List

Cushion: 30cm x 42cmCard holder: 7cm x 10.5cm

Sew a bike cushion

Cut a 43cm strip of jade bike print fabric which is 15cm wide at the left and 13cm at the right. Trim 10cm x 43cm of linen, and 43cm of grey bike print, 11cm wide at the left and 13cm at the right.

Machine stitch all three pieces together by pinning them right sides together. Press the seams open on the reverse.

Pin a length of ribbon along both the top and bottom of the linen section and stitch in place. This may pucker the cushion front slightly as you sew but should lay flat by ironing on the reverse.

Download the template and trace the bicycle design onto white tissue paper. Place the tissue onto the linen, pin in place, then either hand or machine stitch the bike using black thread. Tear away the tissue and stitch ‘on your bike’ on the left. Iron on the reverse and set aside.

For the back, cut 27cm x 34cm and 10cm x 34cm of grey fabric. Cut 50cm of ribbon and hem one end. Pin both fabric pieces right sides together along the sides and long edges and place the ribbon right side down in the middle so the raw end is trapped in the pinned hem. Sew together with a 5mm seam allowance. Hem the remaining long edge of the small flap. Press. Fold the fabric pieces over so that the wrong sides are together, press and topstitch in black 5mm from the folded edge.

Cut 19cm x 34cm of jade fabric, fold one edge over to the wrong side by 5mm twice and stitch a hem. Press. Take a 50cm length of ribbon and hem both ends. Stitch one end to the green fabric approximately 9cm from the hemmed edge in the middle. Press.

Place the cushion front right side up, place the grey piece wrong side up on the left on top of it and the jade wrong side up at the right. Pin together, checking that no ribbon is caught at the edges and stitch all the way round with a 1cm seam allowance. Trim the excess fabric from the corners and turn right side out. Insert a cushion pad.

Make a fabric wallet

Cut two 11.5cm x 25cm pieces of grey and jade fabric. Cut 13.5cm of ribbon and stitch it across the width of the grey fabric so that the bottom edge of the ribbon is 7cm from the base of the grey print. Iron on the reverse.

Pin both pieces of fabric right sides together and, with a 5mm seam allowance, stitch across both ends, down one side and 3.5cm up on the remaining side from both ends. Carefully trim across the corners, turn right side out, gently push out the edges and iron.

Fold the wallet in half, so the jade is on the inside and press the fold with an iron to create a crease. Fold each end in by 5cm and iron to mark the crease.

Cut two 6.5cm x 10cm pieces of pelmet interfacing. Place each piece inside the wallet either side of the centre fold with a gap of 2mm. Pin to secure.

Stitch up the open side of the wallet by topstitching in black thread and continue all around just in from the edge. Catch a small piece of folded ribbon so the flag shows just above the band on the front.

To make a sharp fold line, stitch across the width in between the two pieces of the interfacing, then stitch across the width just underneath the other edge of the interfacing.

Fold up each end of the wallet to make the pockets and hand sew using ladder stitch to secure so that the stitches do not show.