Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Big, Beautiful Women - The New Sexy Diva

Big, Beautiful Women - The New Sexy Diva

Who says you have to be a size 2 or 4 to be sexually attractive and good in bed? Plus size women can thrill their lovers just as good as most thin women can, sometimes even better. Society thinks that because we’re overweight and not in shape, we can’t have great sex. More and more men are attracted to larger women and these larger women are learning more ways to spice up their sex lives. Here are a few tips for women who have more to love.

  1. Be confident! I have come to learn that we, as plus size women, do not have to be insecure about being sexy with our men. The first thing you must understand about being sexy is being confident. If you don’t look in the mirror and see a seductive temptress, it will be quite difficult to convince any man that you are interested in enjoying his company.
  2. Try new outfits to wear!  We have curves that deserve to be shown and admired — so leave the sweatsuits, sweaters and soccer mom jeans at home. Never be ashamed of your body. Take time to change at least one article of sweatshirt (lưới cầu thang) a day. Wear short sleeves instead of long sleeves. Pick up a low cut  blouse. It may be a little hard at first, but soon you will have an entire wardrobe of sexy clothes. This is the kind of eye candy that your man wants to see!
  3. Don’t fear rejection! Rejection is a speed bump on your way to a happy sex life. Sometimes it can be a part of any journey. Your goal is to be desirable and sexy in your relationship. Your goal is to be comfortable in your own skin. For every man that may not be attracted to you, there could be twenty more that are just waiting for a woman like you. Persevere and overcome that obstacle. It will always make you stronger and smarter.
  4. Aim to please!  Be romantic. Be his fantasy girl. If he wants Beyonce’, you are now the biggest, most beautiful Beyonce’ he has ever seen. If he loves Playboy magazine, get out your bunny suit and be his playmate of the year. Fulfill his every need and he will return the favor. Be careful not to compromise your judgment. You both can have a healthy sex life and this is about both of you being satisfied.  
  5. Have fun with it! Explore your options and have a good time doing it. If you are not having fun trying new things, you may be doing something wrong. Laugh with your partner! Let him know you are comfortable laughing at yourself and learning new things. Just go be sexy and have fun!


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