Attic Window Quilt – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: printed, cream; pink; blue; stripe, red; floral, blue, fat quarter of each; spotted, pink; white; floral, ditsy, blue, scraps; cotton, backing, 1m squareRibbon, velvet, 1cm wide, 4mThread, embroidery, coordinatingInterfacing, fusible, lightweight Wadding, 1m square

Dimensions List

Block: 15cm squareQuilt: 83cm square


Note: Use a 5mm seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

1 Cut a 10cm square of cream printed fabric, then trim a 6cm wide slanted strip, measuring 10cm on one side and 15cm on the other, from both blue and pink print. Stitch the shorter side of the blue strip to the bottom edge of the square with right sides facing. Stop sewing 5mm from the strip’s slanted end.

2 Sew the pink strip to the left-hand side of the square in the same way, stopping 5mm from the slanted edge. With right sides facing, fold the square of fabric in half diagonally so the two slanted ends lay on top of each other. Stitch along the slanted edge in line with the fold. Open out and press.


1 Create 16 blocks, sew together in pairs, then stitch into blocks of four. Sew together to complete the quilt top. Press. Pin and stitch lengths of velvet ribbon along the horizontal seam lines, leaving 1cm overhanging at each end. Repeat for the vertical seams.

2 Cut red striped fabric into 4cm wide strips and stitch end to end to make a continuous piece until you have 2.75m. Stitch around the edges of the quilt top, cutting the ends into a 45° angle at the corners, and sewing together to make a neat mitre. Cut blue floral fabric into 7cm wide strips, join together and sew around the outside of the border in the same way as before. Fold under 5mm all the way round and tack.

3 Go to, download the templates and print. Trace eight heart shapes onto fusible interfacing. Fuse to pink spotted fabric and cut out. Pin and hand sew a heart to every other attic window. Trace eight reindeer (four reversed) onto interfacing, fuse to ditsy floral fabric and cut out. Draw eight 8cm diameter circles onto interfacing, fuse to white spotted fabric and cut out. Stitch a reindeer to the centres of the circles, then sew to the remaining attic windows.

4 Place a 1m square of wadding on top of the same size of backing fabric. Pin the quilt top to the stack at regular intervals. Topstitch the layers together along the border seams. Trim the wadding to size, then cut the backing fabric 3cm larger all round. Fold the backing over the wadding and pin the quilt top’s tacked hem to the top, mitring the corners neatly. Topstitch 4mm in from the edge and remove the tacking stitches.