Asymmetric Denim Wrap Skirt – Free sewing patterns


Denim, 1.7m (1.4m wide)Medium weight interfacingTwo D-rings, 3cm wideOne button

Dimensions List


Cutting guide

Front left: cut one Front right: cut one Back: cut one on the fold Left and right front hem: cut one of each Left and right waist facings: cut one of each Back waist and back hem facings: cut one of each on the fold D-ring tab: cut one Tie: cut one Note: apply interfacing to the reverse of all of the waistband facing pieces

1.5cm seam allowance used unless otherwise stated.

Make a skirt

1 Download the pattern, then cut out the pieces according to the cutting guide. Mark the centre of both front panels to position the button later. Stitch the back skirt darts. With right sides together, sew the front-right skirt piece to the back at the side, then neaten the raw edges.

2 With right sides together, join the long edges of the D-ring tab and then the tie edge, leaving the short straight edge open on each one. Trim the excess, turn each piece right sides out and press.

3 Thread the tab through the D-ring. Match the raw edges, then stitch as closely to the D-ring as possible to secure it. Join the waistband facing pieces together and neaten the lower edge.

4 Pin the D-ring tab to the front-left panel of the skirt. Stitch to secure. Join the front-left to the back. Pin the tie 2cm below the waist at the front-right side seam, matching the raw edges.

5 Stitch the front-right and back at the side with the tie sandwiched between, then neaten. With right sides together, stitch the waist facing to the upper edge of the skirt.

6 Join all the hem facings, right sides together. Neaten the inner raw edge. Pin it around the front and back, right sides together. Stitch, pivoting at the upper edge to align with the waist facing.

7 Trim the seam at the waist edge, making the layers of fabric different lengths to reduce bulk – this is known as grading.

8 Understitch the waist edge as far as you can into the corners. Turn the waist and hem facings to the inside, then press.

9 Pin, then stitch the hem facing in place, beginning at the top and sewing close to the inner edge of the facing. Hand stitch a loop to the upper edge of the front right panel and a button inside the skirt.