Art deco purse – Free sewing patterns


Violet cotton fabric,20cm x 40cmLining fabric, 20cm x 40cmFelt, pale pink, lilac, 10cm square of eachGreen felt, scrap Air-erasable penSew-on purse clasp, 110mm wide Fusible webbingDecorative buttonMatching sewing threadEmbroidery thread, black, red, white, green, purplePencil crayons, pink, blue

1 Download the templates and cut two purses from violet and lining fabric. Trace the face and hat shapes onto fusible webbing. Trim roughly and press onto lilac and pink felt. Cut around the outlines, remove the paper and iron onto one outer purse. Draw the features with an air-erasable pen and embroider with single strands of thread. Colour in the cheeks and eyeshadow with crayons. Edge each shape with zigzag or buttonhole stitch using matching thread. Cut the leaves from green felt, sew down each with green thread and add a button to the centre.

2 With right sides facing, pin and stitch the two fronts together between points A, with a 6mm seam allowance. Trim to 3mm and turn right side out. Join and press the lining in the same way, leaving a gap between points B. Press the unstitched seam allowance inwards. Slip the purse inside the lining with right sides facing and pin the top edges together. Machine stitch each side with a 6mm seam, and trim the allowance back to 3mm. Turn right side out through the gap and ease out the seams. Slip stitch the gap and push the lining into the purse. Mark the centre of each top edge (C).

Line up one point C with the centre of the frame. Using six strands of purple embroidery thread, sew one half of the purse to the frame with a line of running stitches worked through the holes. Angle the needle in and out so that the top edge of the purse is drawn up into the frame. Sew back from left to right, filling in the spaces with a second line of running stitches. Repeat on the other half, then again on the other side of the frame.