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Are You Overloading Your Motorcycle?

Are You Overloading Your Motorcycle?

Commuting with a motorcycle is great, even transporting small articles to different points. But we do have to consider that the added weight will cause more wear and tear on your bike, including your suspension, drive train, tires and brakes.

If you are piling on a load, you will want to pay special attention to where you are placing the heavier stuff, how you secure the item(s) and also how your bike handles with the heavier ballast added, varying the options of placement is important and needs your consideration. If you went to the grocery store and returning with a small amount, a netted bungee holder is ample. Cord it to the passenger bike saddle but be careful of bungee cords and any loose tie downs that might come loose and get caught up in a wheel or lash out and give you a nasty whip on the face.

A backpack is handy, just be careful not to put in any protruding hard objects, although a backpack can be extra protection in a fall, sharp objects would not be. If you are loading up your bike, sort your load that your load is proportionally distributed so that your bike is balanced the same when it it is not loaded, you will find lots of different ideas for transporting loads on your bike like motorcycle luggage and saddlebags.

Make sure if your are carrying extra freight that your motorcycle tires are fully inflated. Do check out your gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) also check the maximum loading capacity and the correct tire pressure which you will find on your tire walls.

Some people pull trailers behind them which some bike dealers will not recommend, they say, you are on your own, so, you should remember if your pulling a trailer and you have an accident that trailers is going to get you from behind.

Whenever riding you should wear proper sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ cầu thang) for protection to yourself, like motorcycle jacket, leather gloves, leather vest and chaps are great.

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