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Ardyss Life and Ardyss Products - What You Should Know

Ardyss Life and Ardyss Products - What You Should Know

Last week we received an email telling us to check out an Ardyss life website. We were also promised a Ardyss T-Shirt if we placed an order. At the bottom of the email the person left their number for us to contact them if we decided to join Ardyss international and be a distributor. We forwarded the email to a friend of ours because we thought she might be interested. Later she called us and said she was looking for Ardyss reviews and she couldn’t find any. She wanted to get information before she bought or joined anything. So we decided to do an Ardyss review to see what it was about. In this article we will discuss Ardyss International the company, Ardyss products, and how you can successfully build the business.

The company

Ardyss International is a Network Marketing company. The company has combined the garment industry with the health and wellness trend in highly nutritious and beneficial supplements and juice drinks to create their 2 step system. The first step involves the use of industrial type shape wear that is guaranteed to visually create the appearance of weight and sizes lost, while improving posture, and overall muscle tone in the abdomen, buttocks and chest area. The second step is the use of their nutritional supplements and skin care to help eliminate toxins, cleanse the body, and restore balance to the body’s functions.
Ardyss Products

Ardyss products are a “Body Magic 2 Step System” consisting of ultra control shape wear garments, and multivitamins, fat reducers, children’s vitamins, and Le Vive, a super-juice drink, among other nutritional supplement and skincare products. Their most talked about product from what we hear seems to be the Ardyss Body Magic shaper this product allows you to look slimmer in 10 minutes. The product is designed to give women a more desirable lower body shape. The Body Magic shapers are available in at least 16 varieties, for girdles, waist cinchers, panties, to body briefers. We looked for some Ardyss body magic shaper reviews and this is what one person said “Ardyss body magic shaper is a temporary solution to embarrassing weight problems. Ultimately, however, dieting is the only thing that can fix the problem”. All of these Ardyss products can be purchased through a Ardyss distributors Ardyss life website.

Making Money with Ardyss

Ardyss International is a network marketing company. They have created some great tools to help you successfully grow you’re business. This however is not all you need to become a top earner. What they won’t tell you is that you need to brand yourself not just the company, You will need to be able to recruit at least 10 Ardyss distributors per month. The best way to do this is to learn how to brand yourself. People only do business with people they know, like, and trust and people they think can make them money. All master marketers know this.

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