Antique tile quilt – Free sewing patterns


Eight prints of Athena collection by Art Gallery Fabrics, fat quarter of eachWhite cotton fabric, 2m squareLightweight quilt wadding, 1m x 1.3mCoordinating sewing thread2oz wadding, 1.3m squared

Dimensions List

Block: 31cm squareQuilt: 125cm squareNote: Use a 5mm seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

Sew the block

1 Cut four 6cm x 11cm rectangles from two different prints, one light, one dark. From the darker print also cut four 6cm squares. Cut an 11cm square, four 6cm squares and four 6cm x 11cm rectangles from white cotton.

2 Sew the light and dark printed rectangles together in pairs, right sides together to make four squares. Press the seams to the darker side and arrange around the white 11cm square so the lighter halves are next to the plain cotton.

3 Sew each 6cm printed square to a white one to make four rectangles. Sew the plain rectangles to the side of each to make 11cm white squares with a dark quarter panel. Arrange these in the corners of the block layout, dark corners on the inside.

4 Sew the squares together in rows, matching up the seams carefully. Stitch the rows together in a block, again matching up the seams. Press the finished block.

Make the quilt

1 Make nine blocks using a selection of prints. Cut another light coloured fabric into 6cm wide strips and use these as sashing between each block, joining end to end as necessary.

2 Choose another print and cut into 6cm wide strips. Join end to end and stitch around the quilt top to make an overlapped border. Cut several 6cm wide strips of white cotton and add to the edge to make a second overlapped border. Press the entire quilt top.

3 Lay the remaining white cotton on a flat surface. Place wadding on top and the quilt top over this. Pin the three layers together at regular intervals. Quilt the layers in the ditch, following the outer edges of the darker fabric in each block. Quilt between the two borders.

4 Trim the wadding 1cm shorter than the border and the backing fabric 2cm larger, folding this over the padding. Fold under 1cm on the border strip and pin to the folded edge of the backing. Hem the whole quilt in this way, mitring the corners neatly. Topstitch the layers together, 2mm from the edge.