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Anne Cline is a singer-songwriter from Georgia, nearly 15 years younger than her fiancee Taryn Manning. It is unclear exactly when they started dating or how long they have been together. However, judging by Cline’s romantic proposal and Manning’s emotional reaction to it, it can be said with certainty that the couple is very much in love.

According to her biography, Cline calls herself a full-time musician, who leads a band called ‘Cline Street’. Covers artists such as Alanis Morissette, Jewel, The Cranberries, Stevie Knicks, among others. Cline prefers a wide range of genres, from 90s folk-rock to alternative pop.

“From beatboxing, looping, jumping from keys to guitar, to making (realistic) trumpet noises with your mouth, and doing all of this on your own. It will blow you away, not to mention highly entertaining!” she reads the description of it on her website.

In recent years, Cline has made a name for herself by opening for famous artists such as Miranda Lambert, Phillip Phillips, Cole Swindell, and Puddle of Mudd. While proposing to Manning, Cline stepped off the stage in the middle of her musical performance and took her girlfriend by surprise with her sudden gesture. The crowd cheered as Manning took time to regain his composure and say “Yes.” It now remains to be seen if the couple has plans to marry in the near future.

Anne Cline Age

Anne Cline is a 28-year-old.

Taryn Manning Is Engaged to Fiancée Anne Cline

Taryn Manning got engaged to his girlfriend Anne Cline on Friday, June 11, 2021, after the singer-songwriter proposed in the middle of a performance. In one of the more romantic proposals, Cline leaned over her knee and held out a box of rings to Manning, who seemed to be overwhelmed by the moment. Finally, the couple sealed it with a kiss when she said ‘YES’. “It was the easiest YES I ever said!” – Manning later revealed to TMZ.

The 42-year-old actress, who had said in 2017 that she was not gay, had been with her girlfriend for quite some time. However, both preferred to keep their relationship a secret. Their fans learned of the duo only after photos surfaced of them walking dogs together in early 2021. Neither Manning nor Cline has released any official statement about the engagement, but a video of the proposal obtained by TMZ is enough to confirm the same. Off-camera, another voice is heard using a microphone and exclaiming, “I think it’s a yes,” before those very close to the two lovebirds burst into applause.

Although it is currently unclear how long Manning and Cline have been together, a representative for the actress told TMZ that “they are both delighted” with their exciting news.

Manning, in a statement to the outlet, added: “It was the easiest YES I ever said!” Earlier, in a 2017 interview with PEOPLE, Manning said at the time that while she had experimented with other women in the past, she then identified as straight.

“I’m not gay, which means I love men,” Manning said in a previous statement. “I love gays. I’ve experimented. It’s good. I just prefer men.”