Aly Owl Pincushion – Free sewing patterns


Main fabric, 20cmContrast fabric, 8cm x 20cmCoordinating threadButtons, twoToy fillingFelt, scrap

Dimensions List

7cm x 8cm

Using the templates, cut a body from a main fabric and a tummy from contrasting cotton. With right sides facing, pin and stitch the tummy to one straight edge of the body, then join the other side to make a cone. Turn right side out.

With a double strand of coordinating sewing thread,work a line of small running stitches around the open edge. Stuff with toy filling, then pull up the thread to close the gap. Fasten securely.

Ease the filling away from the point at the top and fold it over to the centre of the tummy. Catch down with a few stitches, then sew on two round buttons for eyes. Cut a pair of feet from felt and attach these to the base.