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A Powerful Tip For Becoming High Status and Attractive

A Powerful Tip For Becoming High Status and Attractive

Looking at, or staring at, or watching women too much will tend to generate female resistance and aversion. It makes women feel self-conscious, which is something they usually resent. Contrastingly, although a woman staring at a man might make him feel flattered and joyful, glad to be alive, attractive, etc., it is usually different for women who are accustomed to every guy checking them out all the time, all day long, non-stop, every single day, even at 7 AM while they have no makeup on and are just trying to pick up some milk.

A common justification for staring at women is often overtly stated as, “Yeah, but women want to be looked at, otherwise they wouldn’t dress the way that they do!” This is clearly only a half-truth and an excuse. For one thing, most people, including women, are “walking, talking contradictions.” Inner conflicts beset most individuals to a staggering degree, e.g., most stress is concordant with some type of inner conflict. Therefore, a woman usually wants men to check her out, and yet at the same time feels self-conscious or even “creeped out” when they do. Thus, it is best to briefly ‘gaze upon’ or ‘glance at’ women, rather than to ‘stare at’ them or “check them out.”

I often recommend to students only short glances of appreciation (and no more than that) unless they intend to actually approach her and strike up a conversation. Aside from being conscious of the fact that women are conflicted about being ‘looked at’, your willingness to refrain from having to “check out” every woman automatically puts you in the category of High Status Male.

On the other hand, Low Status Males are the one’s who need to constantly “check everything out” all around them, all day long (e.g., women, cars, people, (lưới an toàn) stores, “shiny things”). They remind me of my kitty, who’s little furry head is almost constantly ‘snapping’ back and forth, as if to say, “Look at the bug! Woah, look at that leaf in the wind! Oh my God, Dad! Dad… DAD!! Did you SEE that butterfly?! Wow. This stuff is amazing, Daddy!” This ‘snapping’ behavior is all well and fine when it comes to being a kitty, but as a Man you are expected to be much less reactive than this.

The way to become less emotionally reactive (and therefore higher status and more spiritually conscious) is to develop what I often call “the Witness-gaze.” All of the “stuff” in this world, including the women, are really not that stunningly exciting and marvelous. You’ve already seen a million “nice b utts” and “cute faces” and “big boobies”, have you not? The sooner a man can get over being excited by the little things in life, the better. The less your shoulders, neck, and head move around all over the place, the better. “The less you ‘do’, the better off you’ll Be.”

High Status Males do not need to “check everything out” all the time, nor do they even bother to glance at a beautiful woman for more than two seconds. Instead of emotionalized hyper-focusing on detail, they prefer to peacefully Be with the Totality of their surroundings. The way to “spot” a significantly High Status Male (and a spiritually evolved being) is you’ll notice they tend to be in their peripheral vision most of the time. Unimpressed by the details of life, they are usually conscious of the total situation, environment, or context. Furthermore, they aren’t making endless commentary or useless babbling about everything they Witness or Observe. Silence is highly valued and respected for its own sake.

Living this way easily leads to an impressively high state of consciousness in a short period of time, and it also serves to increase one’s worldly status and even sexual attractiveness. It also transcends emotion, which is then replaced by a background of Silent joie de vivre. Moreover, it leads to the ability to hold a soft, open, and gentle visual gaze for long periods of time. Women tend to want to be around men who are in this state, and they will tell their girlfriends that “he had the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.”

Stripped of pretentiousness, judgmentalism, social paranoia (approach fears), and defensiveness (pride), living in the “Witness-gaze” state is a fundamental key to “Womanizing” and even life itself. Meeting attractive women and getting dates with them becomes almost “too easy” due to the incredible radiance of unconditional love as well as the surprising rarity of this state, condition, and relaxed demeanor (approximately 0.4% of humans). In this state, one is said to be “In the world, but not of it.” Notably, it leads to states where one feels “high on mushrooms” naturally and without any side-effects. (Truly. I would not exaggerate or lie about such matters.)

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Stephane Hemon

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