18 of the Best Dress Brands

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There is nothing like finding that perfect summer dress. Each season brings about the hunt for that perfect outfit. You can start with this list of the best dress brands on your quest to find your next outfit. Check out this article before you start your search.

Woman wearing a long, waving, and fluttering gown in gold.Woman wearing a long, waving, and fluttering gown in gold.

Who does not love a good dress? When I was younger, I hated dresses, more than you can possibly imagine. I carried that hatred right into my 20s. You could not catch me in a dress.

When I think back, I have no good reason why except I just did not want to like them. Then something magical happened; I put on a dress and realized everything I had been missing. They are so easy to wear.

You can dress them up or down, it all depends on what accessories you use. They are so comfortable to wear. I am a little mad at myself for not giving them a chance sooner.

You do not have to be like me, and you can enjoy a nice dress now. Continue reading this article to find out about all the best dress brands.

Table of Contents

Best Dress BrandsFaithfull the BrandTopshopStaudCiao LuciaReformationAle by AlessandraEverlaneUniversal StandardPactDSTLDCuyanaUniqloRicher PoorerMadewellFor Love & LemonsSaloniLove Shack FancyFlynn SkyeFAQsWhat are the Most Fashionable Dresses Right Now?What Dresses Are Most Flattering For My Body Type?What is the Best Dress Style for a Larger Belly?What Materials Will Last the Longest?

Best Dress Brands

Faithfull the Brand

Faithfull the Brand Gabriela Midi Dress La Somita Floral PrintFaithfull the Brand Gabriela Midi Dress La Somita Floral Print

Source:Faithfull the Brand

Faithfull the Brand has been a hit among the most fashionable around the world for quite some time. It probably pops up on your feed more often than you realize. They offer flattering silhouettes that are inspired by vintage looks. The designs give you a feeling of being young and nostalgic.

Every item they sell has been designed, sourced, and manufactured in Bali, Indonesia. Their items are made by hand with special techniques, which include hand printing and hand dying. The Faithfull the Brand aims to focus on the community and family. They believe the customer is always right and always work harder at being better for them.

Styles Offered

Mini DressMidi DressWrap DressAlberte DressLorica DressSummer Dress

Interested in Buying

You can purchase Faithfull the Brand on their website or from other higher-end retailers that sell their clothes, such as Anthropologie and Nordstrom.


Topshop petite frill shoulder mini dress in black Topshop petite frill shoulder mini dress in black

Source: Topshop

Topshop is now an ASOS fashion brand. One of the best items to purchase from Topshop is the dresses. This top British brand has many different clothes options in addition to dresses. Their clothes are meant for comfort and any occasion.

Styles Offered

Maternity DressesWrap DressTie Front DressPetite DressesSkater DressHooded Mini DressMidi DressSweater DressOversized DressRoll Neck Sweater DressV-Neck DressFunnel Neck DressSlip DressTea DressMaxi DressOne Shoulder Dress

Interested in Buying

You can purchase Topshop on their website or from other higher-end retailers that sell their clothes, such as Nordstrom.


Staud Mini Elio Dress in NectarineStaud Mini Elio Dress in Nectarine


Staud offers unique dresses that have fun prints and silhouettes that are flattering. A Staud dress always helps you stand out in any crowd. They are skilled at creating wardrobe staples. This is a brand based in LA that empowers women and gives them accessible clothes. They focus their energy on design and have an amazing eye for detail. They will have the perfect dress for you.

Styles Offered

Demi DressMini DressBell DressSweater DressTunic DressCalypso DressMaxi Dress

Interested in Buying

You can purchase Staud on their website or from other higher-end retailers that sell their clothes, such as Nordstrom.

Ciao Lucia

Ciao Lucia Chiara Dress Black CottonCiao Lucia Chiara Dress Black Cotton

Source:Ciao Lucia

Ciao Lucia is made in Los Angeles and has been since it launched in June 2017. These dress styles are inspired by the Amalfi Coast and the French Riviera. Their pieces have a touch of a vintage feel to them with silhouettes that are waist-defining. Ciao Lucia selects fabric that feels great on the skin.

You can throw them in your suitcase, and they will be wrinkle-free. Designer Lucy Akin developed a passion for Italian graphic design and transferred that to her clothes. They offer discounts when you shop online.

Styles Offered

Cotton DressMini DressSmocked Midi DressJersey DressTweed DressTank DressWrap DressSpaghetti Strap Dress

Interested in Buying

You can purchase Ciao Lucia on their website or from other higher-end retailers that sell their clothes, such as Bergdorf Goodman.


Reformation Embry DressReformation Embry Dress


Reformation uses practices that are sustainable and provides fabrics that are breathable and perfect for summer. They provide their clothes in a wide range of sizes and fits. They have a linen line in their collection. They design clothes that have extra features and options like detachable straps.

They know their customers come first, and they offer free shipping on all orders with no minimum. They have free returns and exchanges, which are easy to access through their self-service portal. Reformation is carbon neutral and will become carbon positive this year.

Styles Offered

Short DressMidi DressLong DressWedding DressParty DressLinen DressFloral DressKnit DressWhite DressBasic Dress

Interested in Buying

You can purchase Reformation on their website or from other higher-end retailers that sell their clothes, such as Nordstrom.

Ale by Alessandra

Alessandra Ambrosio has created Ale, who focuses her attention on boho vacation-style attire. This fashion designer collection provides you everything you need. They offer everything you need, from maxi dresses to the wildest floral dress. If you are headed to a barbecue or a fancy dinner party. Alessandra brings new life to neutral colors and adds classy accessories into the mix.

Styles Offered 

Bodycon DressesCocktail DressesDenim DressesOff the Shoulder DressesOne Shoulder DressesShift DressesSundressesT-Shirt DresessVelvet DressesWrap DressesCut out Dresses

Interested in Buying

You can purchase Ale by Alessandra department stores in the US and abroad. They are also available at resorts and other online stores.


Everlane The Parklet ShirtdressEverlane The Parklet Shirtdress


Everlane is a designer brand that offers a wide variety of dresses. No matter which dress style you love, they are sure to have it. Their dresses are moderately priced. Everlane creates all of the items with material that have exceptional quality.

They believe in ethical factories and source the finest items. Not only will you feel great about the item you are purchasing, but also about the company. Everlane believes in complete transparency and makes sure their customers understand the breakdown for each item.

Styles Offered 

Track DressMidi DressMaxi DressTee DressTank DressMini DressTurtleneck DressMockneck Dress

Interested in Buying

Everlane has its own website where you can purchase its items. You may find a few other high-end stores that sell Everlane products, but most of their items are on the website.

Universal Standard

Universal Standard Wheaton Sweater DressUniversal Standard Wheaton Sweater Dress

Source:Universal Standard

Universal Standard was created when two women became frustrated with their lack of options for plus-sized options. They created basic items that look good on any body type and helps all women feel good in their own skin. Universal Standard creates a stylish and modern collection of items they feel are staples that every woman should have.

They have a wide variety of base layers for every outfit. They provide the ability to purchase a capsule, which is a collection of curated items directly from their bestseller list. Their mission is to bring fashion for all women up to a universal standard.

They say they are not even close to finished. They are obsessed with fit and quality clothing. They want to create everyday wear that you will love.

Styles Offered

Casual DressesT-Shirt DressesSweatshirt DressesShift DressesMidi DressesWrap DressesCocktail DressesTurtleneck DressesV Neck Sweater DressesJersey DressesA Line DressesCrepe DressesCaftan DressesShirt Dresses

Interested in Buying

You can purchase Universal Standard on their website or from other higher-end retailers that sell their clothes, such as Nordstrom.


Pact Fit & Flare Strappy Midi DressPact Fit & Flare Strappy Midi Dress


Pact provides a wide range of basic clothes that everyone needs in their closet. They are environmentally friendly and conscious of cost. They feel like their clothes can be both good for you and the planet.

Their clothes are lightweight and soft. They manufacture clothes with organic cotton in factories that are Fair Trade. Despite the use of soft, organic cotton their prices remain reasonable.

In an effort not to overwhelm, they offer a simpler collection of colors and patterns. They are thoughtfully selected to capture the tastes of a wide range of people.

Pact is incredibly conscious of the environment and giving back. They have a donation program in an effort to help everyone reduce their carbon footprint and give gently used clothes to non-profit organizations. You can easily use the box your items came in to pick up any items you wish to donate.

Styles Offered

Midi DressDetail DressTank DressMarket Tee DressPocket Maxi Dress

Interested in Buying

You can purchase Pact on their website or from other higher-end retailers that sell their clothes, such as Nordstrom.


DSTLD taps into your dreams and pulls out timeless classics like leather jackets, slouchy tees, and the most comfortable dresses you will ever wear. DSTLD is direct to consumer retailer, which means that you can pay half the price for your items. You will never have to sacrifice up quality for a lower cost.

They stay with a palette of neutrals, so you can easily mix and match your clothes. You will not have to put much thought into your outfit. They refuse to cut corners and hold themselves to a higher standard, not only in the conditions of their factories but also in the conditions in which their employees work.

They are obsessed with sustainable fashion and thus use materials that are sustainable, including dyes that are natural and practices that are environmentally friendly.

Styles Offered

Crepe DressScoop Neck Tee DressT-Shirt Dress

Interested in Buying

You can purchase DSTLD directly from their website.


Cuyana One-Shoulder DressCuyana One-Shoulder Dress


Cuyana offers a chic option with a feminine flair. They believe in the statement that less is more. They feel that you need fewer items in your closet as long as they are quality items.

They are thoughtful about every detail of the clothes they make. This starts with the factories where the clothes are manufactured and extends all the way to the features in the item. Cuyana believes kindness goes a long way, and when combined with integrity, you get the best products.

Their clothes are simple designs but have beautiful colors and timeless silhouettes. Cuyana believes in giving back. Every order they ship outcomes with a label that allows you to send back gently used clothes for donation.

Styles Offered

Drape Back DressAsymmetrical DressOne Shoulder DressMidi DressTee DressButton Front DressSweater Dress

Interested in Buying

You can purchase Cuyana on their website or from their brick-and-mortar stores. Cuyana is also available at higher-end retailers that sell their clothes.


Uniqlo Women U Mercerized Cotton Belted Long-Sleeve DressUniqlo Women U Mercerized Cotton Belted Long-Sleeve Dress


Uniqlo is a Japanese brand that creates affordable basics. They have a large selection of items that work for any occasion. They want to help you fill your closet without emptying your bank account. Uniqlo works with fashion designers to create their clothes and produce one-of-a-kind collections that are often limited editions.

Uniqlo provides an alteration service that will alter clothes to specifically fit you and then ship them to you. They have a unique search engine that is geared to help you find the best style. They believe in empowering all of their employees and giving them all the ability to act as a business owner.

Styles Offered

Maxi DressMidi DressHoodie DressMock Neck DressTurtleneck DressMini Dress

Interested in Buying

You can purchase Uniqlo on their website or from their own storefronts located across the US.

Richer Poorer

Richer Poorer Women`s Vintage Rib Column DressRicher Poorer Women`s Vintage Rib Column Dress

Source:Richer Poorer

Richer Poorer believes in creating comfortable yet the highest quality clothes in which you can lounge. The company has been through bankruptcy and is now one of the most popular brands with a following that has created waitlists for their clothes.

They know their success lies in the concept that everything they create is comfortable. Many of the clothes that Richer Poorer creates is prewashed with silicone, making everything already feel broken in and comfortable. Their clothes remain affordable.

Richer Poorer believes in creating simple products and does not attempt to complicate any of them. This brand has deep roots in California. Richer Poorer offers you the ability to return your items for free. They offer free shipping once you spend a certain amount of money. They also offer discounts on purchases.

Styles Offered

Rib Column DressHenley DressT-Shirt Dress

Interested in Buying

You can purchase Richer Poorer on their website or from other higher-end retailers that sell their clothes, such as Nordstrom. You can also find their clothes on other online shopping sites.


Madewell Cap-Sleeve Tee DressMadewell Cap-Sleeve Tee Dress


Madewell offers timeless essentials that are the basics for any wardrobe. They are cool and modern but have roots in classic style. While their original focus was quality denim, they have other clothing items that will not disappoint. Madewell is the one-stop you can make for everything you need in your wardrobe. They often have great sales.

Madewell offers their clothes in regular, petite, and tall. They are confident their clothes will fit any body type. They offer an insider program that gives you points for every purchase, free shipping and returns, and something special on your birthday. Madewell combines extreme attention to detail with quality materials to create clothes that fit well no matter your body shape.

Styles Offered

Midi DressMini DressButton Front DressRuffled DressPuff Sleeve DressesShirt DressSweatshirt Tee DressBabydoll DressWrap Dress

Interested in Buying 

You can purchase Madewell on their website or from one of their storefronts. You can also find Madewell at other higher-end retailers that sell their clothes and other online retailers.

For Love & Lemons

For Love & Lemons Loretta Mini DressFor Love & Lemons Loretta Mini Dress

Source:For Love & Lemons

For Love & Lemons was founded in 2011 by two friends. They literally started with a lemonade stand when they were 11. Now, they own a brand together. They are a 100 percent women-led company. They focus on creating clothes that are feminine, fresh, and give you confidence.

For Love & Lemons has a foundation in kindness and love for everyone. Their clothes are enchanting and vibrant and intended for the woman that is not afraid to take risks. The organization believes in full transparency and creates an environment of diversity and inclusion. They provide opportunities to receive discounts on your purchases.

Styles Offered

Mini DressMidi DressBabydoll DressParty DressMaxi DressTank DressSlip DressSweater DressSwing Dress

Interested in Buying

You can purchase For Love & Lemons on their website or from other online retailers.


Saloni Vicki Dress In Lily Lake PrintSaloni Vicki Dress In Lily Lake Print


Saloni offers a flattering style in textiles that are vibrant and sure to catch the eye. The is the brainchild of designer Saloni Lodha. She is focused on dressing women in styled perfection. She has created a look of eternal femininity in her clothes.

She balances exotic, elegance, and playfulness in her clothes. Every collection she creates brings some new twist to it. Her latest collection has hot pink swirls, yellow embroidery, gathered waists, and scooping necklines.

Saloni knows exactly what their customers need. Their offerings allow you to move effortlessly between dinner at home or a more formal event. Each piece is created with love. The prints and textiles are created with care and an understanding that women will love them.

Styles Offered

Short DressesMidi DressesFull-Length DressesEvening DressesParty DressesPixie DressRuffle Dress

Interested in Buying 

You can purchase Saloni on their website or from other higher-end retailers that sell their clothes, such as Nordstrom.

Love Shack Fancy

Love Shack Fancy Quincy DressLove Shack Fancy Quincy Dress

Source:Love Shack Fancy

Love Shack Fancy is created for the woman that is a dreamer and romantic at heart. Their clothes are vintage-inspired and have a romantic and floral flair to them. This brand is the brainchild of a creative director and has its roots in travel and fantasy.

Love Shack Fancy has clothes that are rich in details, abundant lace, and the softest hues. Their clothes are dyed by hand and have a vintage feel to them. The owner of this brand has her roots in New York but also has a passion for travel.

Styles Offered

Mini DressMaxi DressMidi DressSilk DressStrapless DressPopover DressSmocked DressSlip Dress

Interested in Buying

You can purchase Love Shack Fancy on their website or from their flagship location. You can also purchase Love Shack Fancy from other high-end boutiques around the world.

Flynn Skye

Flynn Skye Jillian Mini (Blush Gauze)Flynn Skye Jillian Mini (Blush Gauze)

Source:Flynn Skye

Flynn Skye was created by a mother with no true design background but immense love for her daughter and clothes. The pieces are designed after the free spirit vibe of the brand creator. She has created a versatile line that appeals to all women. The goal of Flynn Skye is to make all women feel good about themselves and comfortable in their clothes.

Flynn Skye is committed to sustainability. They use limited run manufacturing processes, which means that each piece is unique. They only cut a limited number of each style. Everything is hand-cut and created. You can feel confident that each piece is close to a one-of-a-kind style.

Styles Offered

Maxi DressMini DressMidi DressSlip DressWrap Dress

Interested in Buying

You can purchase Flynn Skye on their website or from other higher-end retailers that sell their clothes, such as Nordstrom. You can also find Flynn Skye and specific boutiques.


What are the Most Fashionable Dresses Right Now?

Dress styles change from year to year, but some classics always remain true favorites. The most fashionable dress styles right now are:

Midi DressOff the ShoulderShift DressBodycon DressA-Line DressMini DressMaxi DressWrap Dress

What Dresses Are Most Flattering For My Body Type?

There are some specific types of dresses that you should wear if you have a specific body type. If you have broad shoulders, then you want a dress that has a slight flare to help provide some balance.

If you have a more athletic build and a larger bust, you want a dress that has thick straps, or a halter-style dress. If you have curves that you want to show off, you should consider a dress with draping, ruching, V neckline, or U neckline. These necklines help show off your larger bust.

What is the Best Dress Style for a Larger Belly?

If you have a bit of a tummy, and you want to hide it, there is a dress style for you. A wrap dress is flattering for all body shapes and types, and it can help to hide a belly. It is also a great staple to have in your wardrobe.

A wrap dress will help to flatter your bust but also slim down your middle. If you have a larger bust, you might want to consider a plunging V neckline to show off your bust. Even if you have a smaller bust, a V neckline will help give it a boost.

What Materials Will Last the Longest?

Cotton blends are the longest-lasting materials you can find. When you find a cotton blend that has a small amount of polyester, that will help it last longer, too. A knit or weave that is denser will last longer than a loose knot. The higher the quality of the fabric, then the longer it will last.