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151 Minutes to More Money, Wealth, Health, Success and Relationships

151 Minutes to More Money, Wealth, Health, Success and Relationships

I guess you could call me all thumbs like in “Tom Thumb.” Matter of fact my name is, in fact Tom – and like most Americans I’d use to wake every morning to that awful sounding ring of an alarm clock, head to my Dead End JOB (Just Over Broke or Jail Operating as a Business), and put in my sweat equity in for that day. Since I worked for a task master, making him rich, where he was making all the money and one who always cracked the whip demanding more of my time and without more pay (the downswing benefits for being on salary), in a white collar position which meant long daily hours full of meetings, deadlines, pressure and long mind-numbing weekly hours! Problem was, by the end of every week guess who was the one making all the money? Was it me or my boss? I was so burnt out mentally and physically but more importantly I was still flat broke and could not get ahead financially. This is what they call, “living hand to mouth” or “paycheck to paycheck.” I felt like the song; “Old Man River.”

To be honest, I just figured that was the way it was going to be and just a way of life for most people in my los angeles clippers t shirt . To tell you the truth, it was and still is very depressing just thinking about it! But what could I do about it? If I did not work, I would not get paid. If I did not get paid, I would have no food on the table, no car or transportation, no house to live in or any of the other stuff that I had. As the old saying goes; damn if you do, damn if you don’t! Most of my friends were in the same position I was in. Seemed like there was no way out and so I thought.

I am sure you all have done the same yourselves. After work, go someplace to chat with the boys or girls, have a cocktail or two and sympathize with each other about how unfair life was. As if by talking and complaining about it all it would make it all go away or even solve our dilemma and problems. Fat chance! What I mean, why is it that some people were living life without a care in the world while others like myself were struggling just to make ends meet?

When I watch television I use to see all those advertisement commercials that were showing all these expensive cars people were driving, people taking worldwide trips and beautiful cruise vacations to exotic locations and paradises, living in gigantic homes that I would call a palace… You know, the “Good Life” and the closest thing that I would come to that kind of life were in my sleep at night and in my dreams.

Cruise Vacations… what vacations… Dang, I was having problems filling up my gas tank each and every week and with the rise if fuel costs I was paying more to work at my job than it was paying me to be there. Let alone, jumping on a jetliner for a fun filled weekend or week in the desert. That was pretty much my life. Something needed to change and happened soon before I went off into the deep end.

One day at work I slipped on some water by the water cooler and screwed up my back real bad. My chiropractor told me to stay off my feet and not sit at my desk for about a week or two until the swelling went down and healed my herniated disc a bit. Wow! That meant a week or two without a paycheck. Just what I needed! How the heck can I do that?

By the third or fourth day home alone with nothing to do because of my back problem I was getting fidgety, and started surfing the ‘net for something else to do or at least on the side to bring in an additional income into my house.’ For kicks I Google “make money from home” on the internet. Ouch… about a ca-zillion websites popped up. Some of them were so phony and extreme it made me laugh. “Earn $10,000 a month in your first 30-days” or “Let me show you how to become a millionaire next week.” “Become a millionaire working five minutes a week without talking to anyone.” “How I made a Cool Million Dollars just by selling stuff people don’t want.” Well I think you get my point. I am sure you’ve been there yourself… right? Then, something caught me eye. It was a site called Real Money Generator dot com. I’m not sure why I was drawn to it, maybe because the website name drew me to it because that is what I was looking for. A true money generator of sorts! So I decided to check it out. It was about the best thing I’ve ever done.

The first thing I noticed was the straight forward headline – “If you want to create money beyond belief the spiritual way… even if nothing’s worked for you in the past; “Give Us 151 Minutes, and We’ll Show You 9 Ancient ‘Taps’ that Lead to Breathtaking Wealth and Abundance — or You Don’t Pay a Penny.”

Another thing that caught my eye and attention about it was the fact that there was a way out. Meaning, if I did not like it nor did I want to continue on, I could get all my money back! They have a risk-free iron-clad money back guarantee. I don’t know about you but I like the option of getting my money back if I am not pleased or convince it would work for me or for any other reason I came up with. I like to be able to have an easy escape route just in case I changed my mine or they did not deliver on their promise.

Then I was reading the site when I came across a photo and name of someone whom I recognized and liked immediately! This person was showcased in a documentary book/movie I saw last year called “The Secret” that you may have seen or heard of. Very powerful to say the least! One thing that impressed me up-front was the fact that these taps/methods have been used for centuries by some of the most famous and wealthy people in the world. These were not some kind of new form of technologies, new ways to make money or any new ways of doing most things. These were proven facts, honest information that have been used and passed down from generation to generation from some of the most elite and wealthy people throughout history. If you play golf, wouldn’t you like to learn from a master like Tiger Woods? What does he know that you don’t know? Do you think he could show you a better way in playing the game? How about an expert like Wolfgang Punk in your kitchen? If he showed you a better way in preparing a meal or dish, do you think he just may know what he is talking about? I think so!

Another thing that impressed me were the testimonials of actual members people just like you and I who have all benefit from these hidden secrets and ancient taps that help them achieve what they were search for… breathtaking wealth and abundance including, love and relationships and so much more.

Unlike many other sites, these were real people who had made real money and achieve true honest results using these tapped secret techniques. And I want to put the emphasis on the word real. And no, they didn’t claim to make a million bucks in the first week, but many of them made more money in a day than most make in a month! This again caught my eye. What is there not to like about that?

Okay! I went through the rest of the online pitch and I admit that I got hooked. I bought into their system and I am clad I did. Heck the cost was so reasonable even a person like me and in my los angeles clippers t shirt could afford it. Wow! For the next couple of hours I was like a kid in a candy store. I mean, everything was explained simply and logically, in plain English. I was like a sponge absorbing everything I could, as fast as I could. And when they talked about dozens of way to make money and how to get it, they sure weren’t kidding. My only problem was deciding in which direction to go. With all those choices I could not lose.

I finally made a decision, followed their instructions that I learned at Real Money Generator dot com had laid out and how to get started. Believe me, it wasn’t hard. In fact, I was surprised at how easy it actually was. And bingo! Tom Thumb was not all thumbs any-longer… I now understood what I was doing wrong for most of my life, if not all of my life! It was there right in there and in front of me… but for some strange reason I could not see it until now.

I know, you are now asking me did I make a $ million the first week? Oh come on you know better than that! What I did make I can tell you this! I’d cleared more than $750 in only 5 days. That is pretty good money in just under a week! I know some people who don’t even make that much money working on two jobs in a week. But I tried not to get my hopes up. I kind of figured it must be beginner’s luck or I was going to fall into that money anyway.

Well let me tell you… it turned out to be anything but beginners luck or the fact of the matter, any other kind of luck. It turned out to be a start of a new direction and beginning for me with a very profitable and relatively easy way to increase my cash flow and make money. In short, The Real Money Generator system flat-out worked.

Now I can’t say that I quit my day job immediately but I will tell you this. I can see that it won’t be too long before I do. As my back healed from my fall and I returned back to my JOB, but each and every night when I got home I would spend less than an hour fine tuning my brain to receive more money, more wealth, more personal freedom, personal growth and more affection from those whom I love. I also check my computer each night afterwards to see how much money has come in during this process. It didn’t take me too long to figure out that I will not have to break my back (like I almost did by the water cooler) too much longer on my JOB. Within a couple of months I fired my boss and started to put more attention on my new endeavor… creating additional wealth for me instead of someone else like the boss that I fired. C-yah later gator… Not if I can help it…!

Now I’m honestly getting closer to living the “Good Life,” and it’s great. My yearly income could very well hit the high five-figures or even the six-figure mark this year because it’s still climbing. I am planning on taking one of those exotic cruise vacations that I always seen on television and also plan to fly to Las Vegas too, not in coach but in first class and really live it up bit. My next goal is to purchase that dream house (my palace) that I always dreamt about. And as for my current form of transportation! Well I think it’s about time that I splurge a little bit, bring me back to my teenage years and drive the expensive sports car once again no matter what the going gas prices are at the pump.

All this is happening because I decide to make a decision, change my thought process and change my look and directions. I did not want to live like the old Tom Thumb of before and any-longer. I wanted a Tiger Woods or a Wolfgang Puck in my corner showing me what they know, how they did it and what it took for me to get there! I could not do it on my own any longer. I needed help from someone who was already there. I got that help from Real Money Generator dot com. Their teachings are real, they do work and it doesn’t take a heap of money (under fifty bucks was a wheel of a deal for what I got), much time nor does it take a college grad with a BS degree or rocket scientist to use these hidden taps and secrets to make money.

Lastly I even passed on this info to my former colleagues where I use to work, and they’ve gotten into the Real Money Generator system as well. It’s great to get together now with the guys, play a few rounds of golf, have a couple of cocktails out by my swimming pool and talk about the latest news, our new lives and what we might go into next. It sure beats hearing that cracking sound of the whip each and every day!

write by Tramaine King

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